Whatever your connection to the land may be, Stumme, Collins, Gritters and Epley, PLLC will provide a professional approach to assisting in the sale of your farm.

There are multiple avenues to successfully sell your farm, ranch, or recreational ground.  Our attorneys are sincere in our desire to find an approach to market and sell your real estate that you are comfortable with.  Every situation is different; there is no one size fits all approach to the sale of your real estate.  Contact us today to for a FREE analysis and discussion regarding the sale of your real estate. Review some of our recent sales below.

Farms For Sale



The Laura Lobeck  Estate is selling a high quality Black Hawk County farm consisting of approximately 71.49 acres more or less in Section 9 of Bennington Township.  This farm boasts an average CSR2 of 90.7.  The location, on a hard surface road south of Denver, make accessing the property by equipment convenient and provides access to several local markets.  If interested in this high quality farm please submit a written bid indicating the total amount along with your name, address and phone number.  All interested parties who submit a reasonable bid will be invited to a final round of bidding.  If you have questions please submit your questions through our website, or contact Ethan Epley at 319-984-5479 or  eepley@waverlydenverlaw.com .  Click the link below for a detailed farm packet or contact our office to receive a packet through the mail.

Past Farm Sales

  • Brase Farm
  • Douglas Township Bremer County, IA
  • Acres: 114.25 m/l
  • CSR: 90.1    Click for CSR Map
  • Type of Sale: Closed Auction
  • Sale Price: $1,535,000.00 ($13,435/acre)
  • Gienau Farm
  • 2441 200th Street, Tripoli, Iowa.

  • The E ½ of SW ¼ of Section 21, Township 92 North, Range 12 West of the 5th P.M. Bremer County

  • Acres: 79
  • CSR2: 90     Click for CSR Map
  • Type of Sale: Closed Auction
  • Sale Price: $870,000 ($11,012.65/acre)
  • Lybbert Farm 
  • Orange and Eagle Townships Black Hawk County, IA
  • Acres: 211
  • CSR: 84.6    Click for CSR Map
  • Type of Sale: Closed Auction
  • Sale Price: $2,205,000.00 ($10,450/acre)
  • Hesse Farm
  • 7338 Moline Road, Waterloo, Iowa. 
  • The North Half of the Southwest Quarter, Section 18, Township 90 North, Range 11 West of the 5th P.M. Black Hawk County
  • Acres: 79.14
  • CSR: 87.1    Click for CSR Map
  • Type of Sale: Closed Auction
  • Sale Price: $935,000.00 ($11814.50/acre)